Thank you for your interest in the AISL Harrow Scholarships 2021-2022.  The application period is closed.

All applications received have been reviewed by the AISL Evaluation Panel. We are pleased to announce that 5 scholarships have been awarded to Tiffany Lok Ching Cheung, Matthew Han Xian Chin, Mango Yi Sum Yue, Finley Tobin Jones and Michael Zhang.

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Prestigious and highly competitive, AISL (Asia International School Limited) Harrow scholarships are awarded to exceptionally gifted students for A-Level (pre university) study. Recipients will demonstrate outstanding academic potential and the ability to contribute to the wider Harrow International community through sports, arts, leadership and/or service.

Award of an AISL Harrow Scholarship represents a unique opportunity to benefit from study at a world-class AISL Harrow School, funded by a very generous two-year grant.  


The AISL Harrow Scholarship Programme seeks to enhance the diversity of our international community by attracting academically gifted students from around the world to study in our family of schools. Selected students will be given full access to a Harrow-branded A-Level education, and to the ‘educational excellence in life and leadership’ which AISL Harrow Schools provide.

For the academic year 2021/22, eight scholarships will be awarded. Aimed at A-Level students (age 16-18), these scholarships are available in the following AISL Harrow Schools:


Harrow Bangkok

Harrow Beijing

Harrow Hong Kong

Harrow Shanghai


AISL Harrow Scholars undertake a two-year suite of A-Level courses, regarded as the gold standard of British education and recognised worldwide for university entrance.

Students will have the opportunity to specialise in subjects they particularly excel at, studying to an advanced academic level. Many students also complete an ‘Extended Project Qualification’ (EPQ), allowing for the development of research skills and the exploration of a topic of special interest in even greater depth. Students also have opportunity to contribute to the management and leadership of the school by taking on key student positions of responsibility such as Senior Prefect, Prefect, Head Girl, Head Boy, Student Academic Leadership Team, and the Student Council.

In AISL Harrow Schools, the Sixth Form years are both challenging and exciting. Students are encouraged and supported to reach their full academic potential, whilst also developing the skills and attributes needed for success at university and in life.

AISL Harrow Schools have built an exceptional track record in university placement, based on outstanding grades and bespoke counselling support. Every year graduates from AISL Harrow Schools take up places at Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League universities, as well as the best universities in Asia.

While many schools adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to university guidance, all AISL Harrow Schools offer a dedicated University Admissions and Careers Guidance Centre. Specialist tutors are there to support the application process, giving individualised assistance to each student and his / her parents.

Each AISL Harrow Scholar will receive full payment of tuition, boarding and examination fees, paid by AISL during the two-year term of the Scholarship.

The Award will not cover: uniform, catering, day trip and expedition fees, books and equipment, transport to/from the school or insurance. Individual schools will advise as to the likely extent of these costs.

If an AISL Harrow Scholar requires financial assistance for any additional expenses, they can apply to the Participating AISL Harrow School for a bursary or financial support. The Participating AISL Harrow School shall have absolute discretion in deciding whether or not to grant such bursary or support.

To be eligible for an AISL Harrow Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Have completed GCSE/IGCSE study (or equivalent) before 1 August 2021, with predictions for outstanding grades.
  • Be applying for Year 12 study commencing August 2021, with graduation from the school in June 2023.
  • Enroll as a full boarding student for the two-year duration of the scholarship period. Where boarding is not available, alternative arrangements can be discussed directly with the Participating AISL Harrow School.
  • Be academically outstanding, supported by appropriate English language ability.
  • Not currently be enrolled in a Harrow International school. 
School Section Year Group Age
Sixth Form / A-level Students
16 to 17
17 to 18

Receipt of the AISL Harrow Scholarship also requires eligibility to receive a study visa in the country of the Participating AISL Harrow School (individual schools will provide guidance regarding eligibility; see below for indicative criteria and school contact details)


Any nationality with visa for entry into Thailand for studies

Contact Admissions:


Tel: +66 2 503 7222


Students who are non-Mainland Chinese passport holders or children of non-Mainland Chinese passport holders (at least one parent should have a residence/work permit in Shanghai, China)

Contact Admissions


Tel: +86 21 6881 8282 ext 210/212


Students who are non-Mainland Chinese passport holders or children of non-Mainland Chinese passport holders (at least one parent should have a residence/work permit in Beijing, China)

Contact Admissions:


Tel: +86 10 64448900


Students of any nationality with, or eligible to receive, an approved Dependent/Study visa for Hong Kong

Contact Admissions:


Tel: +852 2824 9099

Selection for receipt of an AISL Harrow Scholarship will be based on:

  • Academic performance at the top of the upper quartile for the Participating AISL Harrow School applied to, measured by: entrance tests, subject specific tests, prior academic records, references, and interviews with senior staff.
  • English fluency - Applicants are required to have sufficient English language ability to fully access the course content of their chosen A-Level subjects on the first day at the Participating AISL Harrow School.
  • Evident ability in, and a strong commitment to, sport, creative and performing arts, service or other areas of co-curricular school life.
  • Evidence of examples of previous leadership roles, positions of responsibility or commitment to service activities. 

Applications will be screened by the AISL Harrow School for eligibility with all candidates’ details then forwarded to AISL for review and scholarship award by its Selection Committee.

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application on or before 30th March, 2021.

29th January 2021
Open for application
28th February 2021
Applications Close at 4 p.m. (HK Time)
March 2021
Shortlist for assessment and interview
30th - 31st March 2021
Announce final awards

Asia International School Limited is a leading provider of world-class K-12 education in Asia. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Harrow International Management Services Limited and its affiliates, we operate Harrow International Schools, Harrow Innovation Leadership Academies and Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centers.

Guided by the AISL motto, Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership, our purpose is to prepare students with diverse backgrounds and abilities for a life of learning, leadership, service, and personal fulfilment.

To achieve this, we proudly look to the heritage of Harrow School in the UK for our guiding principles. Four values - Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship - are embraced across all AISL schools, anchoring our holistic educational approach in a focus on the whole child, individual care and personalised support. Our shared ‘Leadership Attributes’ contribute to sharpening students' attributes and behaviours.

In all AISL schools, respect for tradition is balanced with innovation. A forward-looking vision drives us to excel. Our progressive teaching methodologies, distinctive curricula, and pedagogical initiatives place us at the forefront of educational excellence.

The AISL Group currently operates with 24 schools’ licenses and Early Years Centres across China and Asia.

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